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Game: Dig Fort

Genre: Platform/Puzzle

Team: Self

Duration: 15 Weeks

Role: Producer, Game Designer, Game Artist, Game Programmer, QA Manager

Intent: Create fun and challenging levels with a respectable leveling curve using a simple but powerful main mechanic for the game

Description: For a semester long project, I had come up with the concept of removing and placing blocks at will through a 2D game. With the mechanic in mind, I did everything for the game including planning, programming, the artwork, and testing it. In a few weeks, I can created a game with a simple level design system that I could manipulate at will and create levels for in an instant.

After much tweaking and detailing, I ended up with one of the best games out of my peers. Many testers of the game loved the whimsical feel of the game and enjoyed the progressive levels, finally getting challenged in the end. All and all, this game taught me much about level designing.