Inferos: Mech RTS



Genre: Real Time Strategy Two Player Game

Team: Team Warhammer

Duration: 15 weeks (one semester)

Role: Producer, Level Designer, System Mechanic, UI Artist, Audio Designer

Intent: Create a unique fast paced real time strategy game (RTS) using squad based tactics

Description: Inferos is the Latin word for hell. For my team’s second production game in our semester spent in Montreal, we decided to put together a fun RTS. It was a project that had never before been undertaken in our school, few teams had the time or the skill to put together an entire RTS game. After a grueling 15 weeks, we managed to pull through with an impressive looking and fun to play game.

While on the project I learned much about Unity 3D, the primary software used in the production, as well team management skills, tricks with audio, understanding level designing in an RTS, and balancing mechanics in a multiplayer game. The experience was highly challenge but I emerged with incredibly useful knowledge by the end of the semester.

Testers were a bit confused at the game’s complexity at first. However, once the mechanics became understood, enjoyable experiences were had between all players.