Ripper: The Card Game


Game: Ripper

Genre: Card game

Team: Team Ripper

Duration: One and a half years (still ongoing)

Role: Mechanics designer, Re-imagining of basic game play idea, Perfecting/balancing mechanics

Intent: Create an enjoyable game with simple mechanics to introduce players of all kinds while maintaining a fun

Description: Ripper started as a project in one of my college classes where I first got to work with a team. Eventually, the idea was so well loved by all of the classmates and the teacher, we decided to push making Ripper into a full blown published card game. I helped re-design the initial mechanics (the game originally starting as a board game) into a simple, easy-to-pick-up card game, as well as helped edit the design of the actual cards and looked into marketing aspects.

Most players of the games comment on how easy the mechanics are to understand and how fun it is to completely impair your opponents. The hidden aspect of the gameplay makes it both exciting and unique every play through.